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John Bruton

Senior Advisor

John Bruton is a former Irish Prime Minister and an international business leader.

He has held a number of posts in Irish government, including minister for finance; minister for industry and energy; minister for trade, commerce and tourism; and minister for the public service. During his term in the Prime Minister’s Office between 1994-97, John was deeply involved in the Northern Irish Peace Process leading up to the 1998 Good Friday Agreement. He served as European Union ambassador to the United States from 2004-09.

A passionate supporter of European integration, John was chosen as one of the two Irish Parliament Representatives to the European Convention, which helped draft the proposed European Constitution. He was one of two National Parliament Representatives to sit on the 12-member Praesidium, which helped steer the European Convention. He is a member of the Comité d’Honneur of the Institute of International and European Affairs.